European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies

EAEPC responds to Commissioner Andriukaitis’ statements in Romanian press

8th September, in Brussels

The EAEPC would like to address certain misconceptions about parallel trade in medicines, following statements reported to have been made by EU Health Commissioner Andriukaitis to the Romanian press on 8th September.

Member States can regulate the parallel trade in medicines under provisions set out in Articles 34 to 36 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) on the free movement of goods.

However, any policy or decision made by the European Commission or Member States as regards parallel trade in medicines must be based on objective criteria. Encouraging Member States to restrict parallel trade in medicines could result in misguided decisions and unintended policy outcomes.

There is currently nothing to suggest that parallel trade in medicines causes problems in accessing medicines or shortages. To the contrary, parallel trade often leads to better access to medicines at more affordable prices for consumers and Member States, by providing liquidity and competition to a pharmaceutical market still fragmented by national borders.